This flagship programme is jointly organized by the ADMT, ICT and Science departments from SST and eight schools of science, engineering and media design from Nanyang Technological University. This 3-day-2-night residential camp at NTU aims to excite and inspire SST students towards the fields of engineering, design, technology and applied sciences.

The camp programme includes plenary sessions, campus tour and interaction with NTU student leaders. The highlight of the camp is the Applied Project Challenge where students are allowed to choose their area of interest and work under the guidance of a scientist or an engineer.

Project 1: Digital Painting

Digital 'Painters' of SST...our blogsite:


Project 2: Microscopic analysis of cells and tissues and its application in human disease diagnostics

Project 3A: Extraction of caffeine from beverages

Project 3B: The Fastest Ball Challenge

A1: (Nameless) http://fastestball.blogspot.com
A2: (SCBSquare) http://scbsquare-project3b.blogspot.com
A3: ()http://sst-ntucamp-project3a.blogspot.com
A4: (Ultimate Chasers) http://ntuflagshipproject3a.blogspot.com
B1 (SJMC): http://fastestballchallenge--sjmc.blogspot.com
B2 (DINO): http://project-3b.blogspot.com/
B3 (HappyGoLucky): http://fastestballchallenge.blogspot.com
B4 (Omnomnom): http://weareqwerty.blogspot.com

Project 4: Control and Operation of a Large-scale Distillation Column

Project 5: Water Tower Competition

Project 6: The Chemistris Game

Group 01: B.R.C
Team: Rayner Tan Xue Wen. Christopher John. Benz Kew
Blog: http://project6brc.blogspot.com/

Group 02: Team Khem
Team: Ong Kok Jin Keith, Koo Bing Han
Blog: http://khemistris.blogspot.com/

Group 03: AWE
Team: Arthur. Eugene. Wei Kang.
Blog: http://chemistris-awe.blogspot.com/

Group 04: Chronyxel Games
Team: Elgin Patt. Chong Guang Jun. Tam Wai Hang.
Blog: http://onyxchemistris.blogspot.com/

Group 05: AWK
Team: Kun Yao. Wu Shen. Alpha.
Blog: http://chemhawk.blogspot.com/

Group 06: Disky
Team: Hardy. Jun Wei. Victor.
Blog: http://disky-chemistris.blogspot.com/

A word of Thanks to Prof Seah and team (Zhao Yu, Yang Yu and Anthony)

Project 7: Handheld device for communication with speech impaired patients

Group 01: Team Superintendent
Team: Iskandar (Leader), Shawn Tan, Soh Fan, Looi Wei Chern and Wong Jing Yi.
Blog: http://tsuperintendent.blogspot.com/

Group 02: All Rights Reserved
Team: Mohammed Imran (Leader), Chan Jia Ler, Joel Ho, Lhu Wen Kai and Lee YuChong.
Blog: http://allrightsreserved-p7g2.blogspot.com/

Project 8: Automatic Outdoor Light Controller

Group 1

Group Members:
Emily Wu
Marcus Ou
Bernard Ng
Syed Ismail Muhammad Idris 
Darius low

Group 2

Group Members:
Matthew Lim
Akhil Vuputuri
Heo Yub
Jake Wee
Choi Min Suk

Project 9A: Tensile Testing Of Engineering Materials

Group 9-1:
Team: Ng Kok Yin, Brandon Yeo, Lucas Chia
Blog: http://ntu-sst-project9.blogspot.com/

Group 9-2:
Weihong, Mayur, Vivek, Adam.

Project 9B: Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Group 9-3
Chua Zong Wei, Foo Ming Yong, Lim Jing Jie, Michelle Loh

Group 9-4
Wan Ray Chow, Ong Ding Shan, Ho Yan Jin, Dionne Choo

Project 9C: Composite Material Processing

Project 10A: Battery Charging from Bi-cycling Pedal Power


Project 10B: Automatic Waste Sorting (AWS) Machine


Project 10C: Energy Extraction from Rain Water

Jasper's group

Ming En's group